Tuesday, 4 August 2009

White Rabbit 23/07/09

Shot a hardcore gig a few weeks ago, here are some highlights.

Really not sure how I feel about live music photography these days. When its bands I really love (such as alkaline trio) I get scared that my pictures won't match the amazingness of the music. I want to flatter my heroes. When I'm shooting bands where the music doesn't interest me is when I shoot live music best as I can forget about the actual music and just concentrate on making a good picture. I'm really not sure it would make for an interesting photographic career; getting a magazine standard image does not require a professional photographer it seems. So far to me, it seems to me that shooting a gig doesn't require much on the spot creativity, but instead, technical knowledge.
I guess the main problem I have is that live music photography doesn't require an original artist, but instead, someone who has an easily aquired knowledge of what is needed to create a standard "good" image.
Perhaps the photography reflects the music...... very little is original these days. If anyone has examples of inspiring music imagery, please send it my way, I want to see things created by artists, not trained photographers, if you get what I'm saying.
Thanks for reading.


Shot in Glastonbury this summer, handhold exposures while a torch is waved around the room.